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Live Your Dream Of Getting A Tattoo With The Best Tattoo Studio In Indore!

Getting a tattoo has to be an exhilarating experience. We are a team of the best tattoo artist in Indore that will make the best tattoo proposals based on your ideas. We are here to provide you with the leading tattoo artists and credible kingleotattooz.

Visualizing your generated tattoo idea on your body is no less than a dream come true!

At Kingleo Tattooz, we cater exclusively to tattoo lovers. Our goal is to provide each and every customer with a personalized and truly unique tattoo design. Upon visiting us, you will receive a complimentary consultation with one of our skilled artists to bring your tattoo ideas to life. Once you’ve made your selection, we’ll provide you with an estimated cost for your chosen design. Let’s create a one-of-a-kind piece of art together!



Turn Your Tattoo Vision into Reality with a Concept-Driven Plan Today!



Fill Out The Form To Schedule A Phone Call.



Artists Create Designs Based On Your Concept And Budget.



It’s Time For An Incredible Unreal Experience.


Over 25,000 original designs have been created by our design team, which is divided throughout all genres of the art form. Our customers always return for more, whether we work with existing tattoos or create a new one from the start.


Our highly skilled and licensed tattoo artists, who have over eight years of experience, are enthusiastic about creating new designs. We have compiled roughly a million tattoos into a database that you may consult at an affordable price.

If you want us to work with your ideas, chances are we have a collection of comparable designs available as a template. Moreover, we are an eager group continuously looking to do new things!


We have our realities. So, why conform? Let’s sip coffee together and share our creative indulgences to create a design that reeks of you!

We believe in the process and are here to help you find a logo, design, or tagline that best represents you. We provide one of the best tattoos in Indore after carefully considering the size and color palette. The design of the tattoo is as important as its placement. Your preference, with our expert advice, will surely do the magic!


We offer a one-stop shop for all of your inking needs. Finding a tattooist in Indore specializing in a specific area of interest can be difficult. However, we have a diverse collection of art portfolios that span numerous genres. Trusting us is not a shot in the dark. Rather, we invite you to come to us and work through a method that best meets your requirements.


Our skilled tattoo artists are amiable geniuses who are professionals in their fields. They are willing to accommodate all your quirky thoughts and kooky personalities. Nothing gets their machines going like being creatively aroused by the unique character of their inking preferences. Our artists are the backbone of our company and the link between our clients and the industry.

Hence, we constantly try to create a space where they can express themselves and exercise freedom regarding their artistic endeavors.


We do not forgo consumers since we believe in long-term connections. While our work is guaranteed high quality and comes with a 10-year warranty, we will give expert support anytime you want it. We can also work with your current tattoos if you choose. So, please feel free to contact us anytime for a free consultation.

Choosing The Best Category For Your Tattoo Has Never Been This Easy

When clients decide to get inked, they usually have a good idea of what they want on their bodies.

Armband Tattoos​

Lord Shiva Tattoos

Small Tattoos

Couple Tattoos

Religious Tattoos

Watercolour Effect Tattoos

Hyperrealism Tattoos

Couple Tattoos

Geometric Tattoos

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Kingleo Tattooz

Client Review

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I love this studio. Highly professional behaviour , And the owner was really cooperative. Also my tattoo is very clean and beautiful. I would highly recommend everyone this place. Please go and visit them......Leo tattoo Studio was where my husband had second and me got my first tattoo! All i came with with no image in my mind only that it should look good and classy. Although not sure whether to get it done or not. miss neha ma'am suggested me with beautiful ideas and that too in reasonable budget. Ashwin helped us craft a beautiful symbol with much meaning. Thanks for making my first tattoo experience such a comfortable one! I loved the end result, still one of the best decisions I’ve made! Cheers and wish them continual success!!!!!!!
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Ashwin is the only person for whom we travel from across India to indore for making our tattoos! He does it passionately and with a lot of dedication. He would put all your thought into amazing artwork! Hygiene is also maintained nicely. Also he uses one of the best products that one can get in India! He is super friendly and polite with undoubtedly steadfast hands and skills. His knowledge and experience makes tattoos painless. Good luck for leo tattoo studio....
cheTan katare
cheTan katare
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My first experience for my first tattoo! All i came with was a image that i liked. The artists at LeoTattoo Studio helped me craft a beautiful tattoo with much meaning. Thanks for making my first tattoo experience such a comfortable one! I loved the end result, still one of the best decisions I’ve made! Cheers and wish them continual success!
Chirag Bharti
Chirag Bharti
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I recently visited leo Tattoo Studio. It was a big one for me since it was my first tattoo. Been an amazing experience from the time I called the studio for enquiry, I did have a design and placement in mind but Max's years of experience definitely came in handy and we figured out the tattoo together.

It was also beyond just getting a tattoo, we actually talked about bunch of things and overall, I am super happy with the tattoo.
Sudarshan Patil
Sudarshan Patil
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Came here with a basic idea in mind of what my tattoo would look like but went back home with a tattoo way better than I imagined. Leo tattoo studio indore is a vibe to get your tattoo at. Ashwin sir was a delight and I had an amazing experience getting tattooed by him. The lines of the tattoo are so crisp and the aftercare process was explained carefully.
Neha Hirwani
Neha Hirwani
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Hello Ashwin and Leo tattoo Studio Team,I must thank you so much for your work on my back and waist it was such a beautiful and transcendent experience - just like getting the tattoo with you.Thank you for directing the work - the size, the placement, the essence - your guidance was so important and you made it what it is - beautiful and perfectly placed and proportioned. You are an amazing guide and Goddess!! I just wanted to thank you once more for being so kind to me, and helping me get exactly what I wanted.
Govind Solanki
Govind Solanki
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Great Work and full Customer Requirements are completed, the studio focuses on the hygiene and other safety measures for the customers. The Tatoo Artist behaviour is also nice and the work which he delivers is outstanding. I Recommend it to everyone.....great studio in Indore... 👍
Hardik Khandelwal
Hardik Khandelwal
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One of the best tattoo studios in indore Studio practice good hygiene, artists are experienced they listen to you and customise the tattoo as you desire. I've got an amazing Arm band tattoo from Neha Sharma.. he is super talented and very patiently listens to you... All the artists are very experienced and extremely customer friendly. P.S. please take an appointment in advance, be patient with your tattoo and if you looking for cheap tattoos, I suggest you please don't visit this studio as tattooing is an art and not some print paste picture, only visit if you are serious about your tattoo. Will surely visit next time. Thank you leo tattoo studio.
Mr UlTiMatE
Mr UlTiMatE
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I just wanted to thank you for doing such an amazing job on my tattoo. I am in love with it. You are talented as well as skilled professional that you made the experience stress free and not too painful either. Already have had great compliments on it. You are amazing and I wish you the best for your future. Don’t be surprised if I come back wanting another one.... Really Really wonderful tattoo.. Thank you neha....
Aman Pushpad
Aman Pushpad
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If you're looking for the tattoo studio then "Leo Tattoo Studio" is the best. They understand the need of their clients and do superb job. I got my mandla tattoo from their studio and it was amazingly done by leo tattoo studio.
Aman Pushpad
Aman Pushpad
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If you're looking for the tattoo studio then "Leo Tattoo Studio" is the best. They understand the need of their clients and do superb job. I got my mandla tattoo from their studio and it was amazingly done by leo tattoo studio.
Aryan Yadav
Aryan Yadav
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A place where you can not walk for a great Kerk, but it is also a place full of different art .. Tattoo studio half with gallery. This place is led by two very clever and nice guys who are artists in their places .. You can take a picture on your skin or canvas. You can just come see, chat, advise. They are always helpful. I can only recommend and always like to come back because I leave with a smile from perfect mood ..;) Come on, guys! 🙂

Trusted and recognised by many


Here at Kingleo Tattooz, we offer services ranging from tattooing, vitiligo, tattoo removal, and permanent makeup.

The starting price for regular black ink and triple black ink for three square inches are 1200 and 1600 rupees, respectively, at the Kingleo Tattoz, the best tattoo shop in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Above that price, the size and design you are willing to have on your body will determine the pricing.

Many types of ink are used in the tattoo industry, including the world-famous, super super, standard black, and triple black. Moreover, at Kingleo Tattoz, we only utilize ink that is of the highest quality.

The difference between normal black ink and triple black ink is that normal black ink turns greenish after the tattoo heals and begins to lighten over time, whereas triple black ink always remains black.

We also guarantee triple black ink for five years, allowing you to have the tattoo touched up for free if it fades or lightens.

Yes, we create our designs in-house since we think every tattoo has a distinct style, and repeating the same designs on clients also has an adverse effect on them.

 To be honest, everyone wants something distinctive and special on their body, so we create unique designs keeping our client’s requests in mind.

We don’t share the original or customized designs with customers before they are tattooed since each artist spends too much time customizing each tattoo. To be clear, if a customer decides they don’t want to get inked right away but would like us to share the design we created with them, we will not do so.

Although the majority of people will answer “yes,” this is a difficult question to answer.

Tattoos can be painful for some people, while others may feel less discomfort. Tattoos can also cause pain in certain body areas. The person may experience burning or stinging on the region as the tattooist injects ink into the skin with the tattoo pen.

 The tattooist paints the outline of the tattoo design using the tattoo pen, then shades in some places with color or contrast depending on the design. Some individuals report outlining as more painful than shading, although everyone’s tattooing experience will differ.

The most painful body parts to get tattooed are bony areas, ticklish areas, areas with a thin layer of skin, areas with a lot of nerves, and areas with damaged tissues.

Yes, tattoos lighten after healing because it depends on your skin type. Black and grey tattoos lighten by 15 to 20%, whereas colored tattoos lighten by 30%. There is no need to be concerned if a new tattoo appears to be fading or lightening; these are normal signs of the healing process.

Once fully healed, many tattoos will darken again; however, this is not always the case. This depends on various variables, including the tattoo artist’s skill level, the ink used, the tattoo’s colors, and your aftercare regimen.

While there are no limits on having a tattoo, there are a few health hazards to consider before the surgery. These dangers include:

  • Allergic response: Even if you have previously received tattoos, dyes or tattoo ink may create an allergic reaction in your skin. It appears as a rash or an itching sensation. It poses a significant risk to hypersensitive people. Before getting a tattoo, try the ink on a small place and leave it for half an hour. If no allergic response develops, you are safe to go.
  • Swelling or burning sensation: You may experience swelling around the tattoo region after receiving a tattoo. The burning feeling is also frequent in the area where you’ve been tattooed. It can deteriorate if exposed to direct sunshine or chlorine pool water.
    Keloids are slightly elevated skin regions that mimic your skin color. They may be visible after receiving a tattoo. They are not painful, but they may become an aesthetic issue.
  • MRI complications: People who have tattoos may feel discomfort or burning at the tattoo location during an MRI. This is typically seen in individuals who have full-body tattoos. It may not be an issue if you have one or more minor tattoo works.
  • Pregnant ladies shouldn’t get a tattoo because it’s harmful to the baby they are carrying in their womb.
  • Yes, I have an experience 12+ years of as a tattoo artist.
  • If you would like to know more about this course, visit our studio for free consultancy regarding the course, which is designed especially for aspiring tattoo artists and the best place to learn from me right now is to watch my Youtube videos and tutorials. There are some really good content and renowned tattoo tips there!
  • You can contact us via Instagram or call us at 9584228615 or 7000824924. I will go through all the inquiries and contact the people whose projects are selected.
  • I do my best to balance selecting new people and those who have been waiting for a long time, unique custom projects and flash designs, local clients, and people willing to travel.
  • If my bookings are closed, you can go through my Instagram handle to be notified when they open and which locations I plan to work at.

Yes, absolutely. We are careful in choosing studios that are open-minded, inclusive, and where you can feel safer.

We love making custom tattoo designs that support the LGBTQIA+ community, that explore and question gender identity and sexual orientation – you will find that most of our designs are of androgynous humans. We have one of the most professional female tattoo artists in Indore regarding tattooing over scars (self-harm or other). We are also open to doing it and have done it in the past. It’s important to keep in mind that some scars work better with my style than others. Because I only use lines, sometimes the scars make the lines wobbly and can distort the tattoo.

Thus, it’s a matter of finding the right design and placing it well, whether to make the scars less noticeable or to work with them, embracing them.

  • When people see poorly healed tattoos, they first think that the tattoo artist is terrible or worse. Other things that might cause the terrible tattoo are not considered. Few people realize how important aftercare is and how it adds more than 70% to the quality of the tattoo’s healing.
  • It makes no difference how amazing your new tattoo was. The day you receive it, it could look beautiful and fantastic, but with negligent (or clueless) treatment, the same tattoo can become a disaster within weeks.
  • For the first few days, if you don’t follow aftercare properly until it is completely healed, you might face problems like itchy skin, redness, and sores skin. You might even face some allergies and skin reactions.
  • You can only donate blood if you have a tattoo and satisfy specific conditions. A reasonable rule of thumb is that if your tattoo is less than three months old, you may be unable to donate blood.
  • This includes body piercings and any other non-medical injections on your body.
  • Introducing ink, metal, or any other foreign object into your body weakens your immune system and exposes you to potentially dangerous pathogens. This can have an impact on what’s in your system, particularly if you got your tattoo somewhere that isn’t regulated or follows safe methods.
  • If there is a possibility that your blood has been tainted, the donation facility will be unable to utilize it.

Yes, Kingleo Tattooz is one option that provides a highly skilled and reputable female tattoo artist in Indore. It is always a good idea to research the studio and read reviews from previous customers to get a better understanding of the quality of their work and the level of customer service they provide. You can also book a consultation with the female tattoo artist to discuss your ideas and ensure that they are the right fit for you.

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