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Tattoo Aftercare

After your tattoo got done your artist will apply gelatin or plastic wrap to your tattoo.

You don’t have to eat sour things like pani puri, pickle, hung curd, lime etc

Once you remove the gelatin you’ll probably notice that some fluid is oozing from your tattoo. You don’t have to worry about that, that liquid is known as plasma and extra ink that your tattoo has released from the skin cause of that plastic wrap.

After removing that wrap you can clean your tattoo with sterile/ distil water and tissue with clean hands.

Once your tattoo gets done, you have to keep one thing in your mind that anybody can’t touch your tattoo without cleaning or sanitizing hands.

You have to wear loose clothes because it might get torn your tattoo apart, and avoid wear accessories in your hands and leg to avoid rashes in your tattooed part.

You have to take care of your tattoo from sunlight and dust while going outside by covering your tattooed part by clothes.

You have to stop doing workout for at least 15 days, or if you are doing your Workout avoids doing the tattooed part workout.

You have to protect your tattoo from water by applying petroleum jelly. After that you have to apply coconut oil, baby oil or tattoo ointment _____________ offered by tattoo studio.

After a few days you might feel itchy on your tattoo you have to avoid itching on tattooed area.

In initial 7-15 days of your tattoo, dead (dull) skin will start peeling off so you don’t have to peel by your hand it will fall automatically. (It depends on skin type and healing process of your body)

After that (dry skin) will start fall off within 10 days.

At the time of healing your tattoo will have a duller and cloudier appearance, it is normal and part of the healing process.

Piercing aftercare ?

You don’t have to eat sour things like pani puri, pickle, hung curd, lime etc

Take care of your pierced stud that it didn’t get stuck in your dress or in your hair.

Clean your stud with cotton using medical spirit.

Use 1 drop of coconut oil in a day.

You can change stud after 20 days.

Tattoo after care products/oinments ?

For better results you can use our own product ___________________.

Which is 100% safe & hygienic for all kinds of skin type.

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