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Experience the Difference: Learn About Kingleotattooz’s Tattoo Studio

Best Quality

Our team of professionals and consultants are of sui generis nature that caters to our customers from the first day you visit our studio. we employ quality-assurance tactics by undertaking hygienic measures and practices to ensures negligible possibilities of contamination.

11+ Years of experience

We have successfully held our fort for 11 years, which indicates the excellent work we have been accomplishing.

Why are we different?

A philosophy we believe in is deeds, not words. We engage with our customers from start to finish. Our artists work with them to help locate a collection of patterns that best resonate with their landscape of ideas and design manifestations that conform with their personalities.

Ten-Years Warranty

This aspect of our business is a guaranteed promise to every little artwork we throw back at the world. Such a warranty entails restorative practices if the tattoo wears off or undergoes discolouration over time. Our responsibility doesn’t end with the inking job. Our commitment to our customers is a long-term one.

Extensive Catalogue of Signature Designer Templates

Apart from inking over 25,000 designs, our team of artists are creating constantly with creative zeal. We regularly update our catalogue for customers who do not like to limit themselves to a particular train of thought.


We don’t leave customers stranded because we believe in building long-lasting relationships. While our work has quality assurance along with a 10-years warranty, we will provide professional assistance whenever you ask for it. If you want us to work with your existing tattoos, we do that too. So, feel free to reach out to us whenever you deem fit.

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